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Our Connecticut masonry supply company can help with your thin stone project anywhere in New England.

Manufactured Stone

Since its introduction in the early 1960’s, thin stone has been steadily increasing in popularity. Historically, the most common application has been manufactured stone veneer. Manufactured stone is produced by creating moulds from natural stone from which lightweight replicas can be produced. Manufactured stone veneer is available in many familiar textures and colors common to our geographic location allowing it to seamlessly fit into the community.

Some of the benefits of lightweight manufactures stone are;

  • Manufactured thin stone adheres easily to a variety of structurally sound surfaces
  • Manufactured thin stone is easy to install
  • Manufactured thin stone weighs 10 – 12 lbs per sq. ft.
  • Manufactured thin stone produces 8% less waste than natural stone

Today’s manufactured stone is produced to the highest standard meeting AC-51 criteria and ANSI Certification.

Natural Stone

It has never been easier or less expensive to select natural thin stone for your project. Natural stone has seen constant growth in popularity over the past few years due to the use of modern processes. Natural thin stone is quarried, giving natural variation and a variety of textures to each stone. With modern stone cutting capabilities, costs of natural stone have become competitive with manufactured stone, giving the designer and owner more options to achieve their desired look. Natural thin stone contains no chemicals or colorants and can give you the true-to-nature colors and durability you expect from a natural product.

Mack Brick can provide you with samples of thin stone for your color and texture selections, please contact Mack Brick for more information.

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