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Our Connecticut brick company can help with your paving brick project anywhere in New England.

There is no better example of paving brick than in Europe where brick pavers have been used for thousands of years. Many modern cities retain that special charm and old world look where sidewalks, streets, and courtyards are made of brick pavers laid centuries ago. Generations after generation have enjoyed the look and durability of brick pavers. With proper design and care, brick pavers are the right choice for your project for which generations to come will enjoy.

Designers and their clients are rediscovering the feel and long term value of genuine clay pavers. With their familiar warm tones and eye pleasing lines, real brick pavers create an atmosphere that no other surface duplicates. Brick’s wide spectrum of colors; along with its warmth, strength, and flexibility make it the ideal material for any setting, including the market place, central business district, traditional town center, or contemporary cityscape.

In the past few years pavers have also become a vital part of today’s green building environment. New production techniques have allowed the introduction of permeable pavers to the market and they have become an integral part of sustainable building techniques. Permeable pavers combined with the proper sub-base allow storm water to pass through which creates a filter that can prevent numerous environmental issues associated with water runoff. To find out more about permeable pavers please contact Mack Brick Company.

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