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One principle reason for brick’s popularity with architects, designers and builders is its ability to adapt to unique design criteria. It can be shaped to complement traditional or contemporary detailing. From sills, angles, and arches, to water tables, hinge brick and column shapes, our brick manufacturers strive to offer you a multitude of standard and custom shapes to complete your vision, and accent the craftsman’s touch.

Brick shapes are available in both moulded brick and extruded brick, and many standard brick shapes can be selected from our brick manufacturers’ catalogs. While limitations in brick size and complexity do exist, a good general rule for brick shapes is…if it can be laid in the wall by one man, it can be produced by a brick manufacture. Many standard brick shapes can be selected from our brick manufacturers catalogs, but keep in mind that custom shapes can always be created. We stand by to assist you with your custom brick shapes, let us work with you to find the most cost effective means to achieve your design objectives.

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