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Our Connecticut brick company can help with your face brick project anywhere in New England.,

As one of man’s oldest and most durable building products, archeologists have unearthed brick dating back as far as ten thousand years. Throughout history, as well as today, brick is the first choice among building professionals. Brick offers many advantages that no other product can including; aesthetics, performance, durability, variety, and versatility. With abundant raw material (native clays), and advanced production techniques, today’s brick are more versatile, with more colors, textures, sizes and shapes than ever before.

Brick is the ultimate sustainable building product, and can contribute to many of your green building projects. Brick are locally produced and in most instances, extremely durable and reusable. Brick are non-polluting (inert and suitable as clean land fill or landscape material), they do not emit VOCs, and have substantial thermal mass.

The versatility and variety of brick choices has never been better. Consider using color in your next brick project by adding glazed brick accents. Glazed brick is an easy, inexpensive way to give your design a custom look at a face brick price. However, if you would like a more colonial Williamsburg look, consider a wood mould brick with a traditional bond pattern. Brick also can fit into any budget, for value engineering projects consider using larger brick sizes, where labor savings can be substantial when compared to a modular size brick. Let our New England masonry consultants work with you to choose the brick and the proper details that best fit your design and budget.

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