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Our Connecticut brick company can help with your thin brick project anywhere in New England.

Historically a relatively minor player in the masonry market, thin brick usage has exploded in the last five years. Thin Brick offers many advantages over traditional cladding making it extremely versatile and a popular choice by architects. Thin brick has all of the same properties, make up and functionality as traditional face brick at only a fraction of the weight. Thin brick is produced by manufacturing a full size brick and then sawing the face to produce 1/2”, 5/8” or3/4” thin brick flats and corners.

Advantages of Thin Brick

Today’s thin brick can be installed in a variety of ways. One method is traditional thin set and thick set, similar to tile setting. Thin brick can also be used in prefabrication by casting on steel stud/thick set panel systems. Other methods of installation include using modular metal panels or snap-in-place rail systems where the thin brick is held into place without the use of glues or adhesives. Our New England masonry consultants can help select the best application process for your thin brick project, contact Mack Brick for more information.