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Our Connecticut masonry supply company can help with your cast stone project anywhere in New England.

For over the past hundred years man has learned to emulate one of nature’s most complex and varied creations - stone. Whether you are looking to recreate the look of limestone, granite, brownstone, or sandstone, architectural stone can be a perfect solution for your project. Architectural cast stone can be produced in a wide variety of shapes including: multiple size stretcher units, sills, headers, bands, surrounds, water tables, copings, and cornices. Architectural cast stone is available in many different sizes, textures, colors, and can also be created in custom shapes. All architectural cast stone is produced from the exact same mix recipe ensuring the architect of constant and consistent color and texture throughout the every detail on the project. Modern technology also allows the introduction of water repellent throughout every piece of architectural cast stone, allowing stone to be used at or below grade, and to use the same cleaning techniques as brick.

Creating an exact replica of natural stone is accomplished by different manufacturing processes; machine made veneer units Manufactured to ASTM C-90, dry tamped custom cast stone produced to ASTM 1364, and wet cast custom stone are all available to create most any look you want.

Want the look of architectural stone at nearly the price of CMU? New production methods allow us to offer just such an option; especially important in today’s ‘value engineer’ building environment.

Please contact Mack Brick; let us work with you to find the right architectural stone products for your next project or help you with your design details.

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