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Our Connecticut brick company can help with your glazed brick project anywhere in Connecticut.

Beauty. durability, low maintenance, and versatility are characteristics of a properly designed, properly constructed glazed brick exterior wall. You have the best of all worlds when you choose glazed brick for your next project. The durability and versatility of clay brick mixed with a wide array of colors gives you endless possibilities. Glazed Brick is available in all of the standard brick sizes and shapes you are accustomed to.

Glazed brick has been used successfully for decades in all weather climates. Properly designed glazed brick walls, featuring a clear cavity, weeps and vents, and proper flashing have proven to be as durable as any brick wall. Whether you choose to feature glazed brick, or use it as an accent, Mack Brick and Glen Gery Brick stand ready to assist you with design, detailing, and selection of colors and sizes for your next project. Let your imagination soar!

BIA Tech Note 13 Ceramic Glazed Brick Exterior Walls

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